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At Over Time Basketball, we provide the I'm Possible Training Curriculum to effectively develop all levels of basketball players.

Our innovative approach is designed around the concept of training every player individually within a group environment. We ensure growth and learning for all players, through empowering and equipping players with the skills needed to train themselves and make their team better.

We are the only certified I'm possible Training in Hong Kong and have been personally mentored by the inventor of skill enhancement  Micah Lancaster himself and are running the same I'm possible curriculum that has been used to develop various high profile NBA players such as Kyrie Irving, Victor Oladipo, Karl Anthony Towns to name a few.

  • Our Basketball Programmes train for excellence.

  • You will elevate your game by learning skills in detail.

  • Classes are fun and exciting, with the right level of competitive spirit to keep you motivated.

  • You will learn how to work effectively in, and as part of a team, while also shining as an individual

  • All sessions are open to both boys and girls.




"Train Like a Pro - The Grind Never Stops"