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Ali is the founder and director of Overtime Basketball Training.

Ali is an I'm Possible certified trainer with a masters in skill enhancement, A USA certified basketball coach, as well as a NASM certified personal trainer.
Ali is the only certified I'm Possible trainer in Hong Kong and have been personally mentored by the inventor of skill enhancement Micah Lancaster himself.

Using the I'm Possible Training Curriculum, Ali has trained over a dozen professional, semi-professional players. which includes, professional players from Asia, Europe, ABL, NBA G League, and NBA


Micah Lancaster, the founder of I'm Possible Training, is the creator of skill training innovations that have been popularized around the world and is one of the world's most recognized and respected skill development trainers.

As the creator of a new modern-day training methodology known as Skill Enhancement, Micah has worked with players at all levels including NBA players such as Victor Oladipo, Kyrie Irving, Karl-Anthony Towns, Brandon Ingram, OG Anunoby, Marcus Morris, Evan Turner, Jeremy Lin, Ben McLemore, Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, Norman Powell, Delon Wright, Jewell Lloyd, and the 2018 Indiana Pacers.






Daniel has a passion for movement, mobility and high-performance sport. In addition to traditional strength and conditioning training, we integrate movement principles to improve kinetic potential, elasticity, and footwork. 

Movement concepts are taught through 3 main areas to improve strength, mobility, and coordination. 

1. Movement Situations

2. Partner Games 

3. Irregular Squats and Lunges

A deeper look at what movement is for basketball:

A great movement is a masterful collaboration of strength, mobility & coordination. "If you want to move well, you need to look back to the roots". Can you really move?


We put you into certain situations with specific rules to teach your body how to move as a unit, be creative and adapt under pressure. Here you will get diamonds for human movement:

  • Movements to open tight joints for better transfer of energy

  • Connect and coordinate your joints as a unit instead of isolated movement 

  • Understand rhythm and timing to dictate how you shift your bodyweight 

  • Develop strength in different angles and heights to determine the dynamic nature of your movement

  • Open your big toe and Achilles tendon to influence the elastic nature and bounce in your movement  

  • Learn how to root your feet to the ground in order to stay in balance and move your feet