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SKill developmenT

Designed to elevate the skills of any player

Our Complete Skill Development Programme has been developed as a pure skill development program for boys and girls of all skill levels who are 13 years old or older - beginners to advanced players are all welcome!

The purpose is to work on individual skills that the player needs to focus on but to practice in a group setting

Through the use of a checklist of over 600 skills and methods of training, such as drops, pockets, four-dimensional moves,  eight categories of separation and much much more... Players will systematically build their foundation and advance their ability step by step. Every skill and method in the checklist will be experienced, trained, and trained again

With an expansive checklist and key skills being taught at different stages. Players can trust that they will learn something new each and every time they attend

The program is world-famous and has seen many professional NBA players benefit from the system. With a core focus on building a strong foundation, we are confident at Overtime Basketball that all players will be better players by following our courses

Grow your game! Start getting better today!

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