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"Our kids have big dreams. It's time we start training them at the level of those dreams and give them a true chance of enjoying this great game."

Finally, a programme for kids that doesn't underestimate 

With a strong focus on Early Skill Development Program (ESD) - the program will provide kids of all ages and abilities with the opportunity to excel in the game! We provide an all-round conditioning experience, including ball handling, footwork, mechanics, coordination, core strength, and basketball-specific athletic traits. At Overtime Basketball, and the methods provided by I'm Possible, we believe that the revolutionary journey will set the foundation and develop the qualities required by ANY player in the future.

Early Skill Development

This Is Early Skill Development

Our kids learn how to grasp concepts and skills from ball handling, to footwork, to mechanics, coordination, core strength, basketball specific athletic traits, and more... The I'm Possible way.

The I’m Possible kids program builds the exact qualities ANY player will need as they get older

Your Benefits

No Babysitting

Players will be taken through innovative training to help them develop ball handling, footwork, coordination, and core strength.

Fun, hard work

Our goal is to make the work we do challenging, exciting, and fun!

We engage with kids to help them experience how fun training can be.

Developing Good Habits

We dream as big as they do. The skills and concepts we teach will be useful at every level of basketball.

Nothing we teach will have to be untaught later on.

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