Why train for an hour when you can train the whole day for the same price?


During the holiday season, our regular hourly rates go on a 90% discountGrinds are a great way for players to experience our training in a limited amount of time. During the grinds, we train for 4-8 hours every day.

We are able to customize our training to fit players' needs and their ambitions as a player, covering the same skills training curriculum used with NBA superstars. Players will work with us every day covering a wide variety of components - Fitness work, Skills, Footwork& Shooting. Each player will train in an individualized small group for the entire week for over 36 hours of innovative and efficient training. 
From helping players develop for college, the pros, or to simply reach their high school goals, our programs are 100% designed to help players realize those dreams.


Checklist Training App

All players who train with us during the Grinds are placed within our Online Mentorship program, where we log all workouts performed. This allows the players to have a permanent record of what they did with us stored directly on the Checklist Training App. When players arrive home, they will be able to pick up right where they left off and continue the workouts on their own, which is key to their ongoing success.

Free workouts/ Camps

As a reward for your commitment to the grinds , all players get FREE access to all the workouts,
Which includes pro workouts, Group classes and Camps, at no extra cost you can join us to every workout we have going on that day.


The cost of 6 days on the Grind is $7,800. All workouts are included in the price. Travel, food and accommodation are not included and players will need to organise for themselves. Players can join more weeks if they choose to. Each week only 8 players will be allowed to join. Missed workouts cannot be made up and no refunds will be provided.

A Day on The Grind (sample)

10am: Gym/ Conditioning Workout
11am: Skill Workout/ Pro players workout
1pm: Lunch/ Mental Training/ Goal Setting/ Relax
3pm: Skill Workout
4pm: Camp
6pm : Shooting workout/ Game Specific Reps
7pm Dinner/ Film Review/ Strategies breakdown
9pm: Extra work/ Stretching/ Cool Down
Repeat Monday -Saturday