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Personal Training &
Online mentorship

Transform your skills and become a self-reliant and successful basketball player
(Without wasting hours in the gym and thousands of dollars per week)


When a player works out with a trainer multiple times per week, the amount of instructions given makes it difficult for the player to remember all the information learned. Not only that, working out with a trainer so often will cause that player to have an even more difficultly finding time to master those skills on their own. This is the problem with today’s personal training culture!

At I’m Possible Training, our Personal Training program is best described as a guiding relationship and a deliberate process for improvement. Our trainers don’t just workout players, we solve problems and offer solutions. Instead of training our players multiple times per week, the I’m Possible way is to train our players once or twice per month, or at most 3 times per month, giving players the opportunity to master the skills that are covered during each session.

Not only that, all of I’m Possible Personal Training clients are given complete access to the I’m Possible Online Training System as certified I’m Possible Players. That means, your trainer will take the time on a monthly basis to even guide you through your workouts the other days of the month. That’s why our players see such incredible results with I’m Possible Trainers.

"We Believe Player Development Should Be A Process To Master Skills,

Not Just Learn Them."

You Could Literally Be

Just A Few Small
Skill Enhancements Away...

Nothing Is More Important To Your Success Than Quality Mentorship...

If you've struggled to put the pieces together and find a clear path, or blueprint, in your personal training to take you to that next level — It's not your fault...

In fact, all too often in today's personal training environment, trainers will overload players with workouts... jumping from one workout to the next, but never allowing a player to fully develop and transfer what was taught to the game before moving on. This can be a HUGE waste of time and energy that leaves you frustrated and overwhelmed with your development...

Click play and see How Skill Enhancement works with the right mentorship

Our promise is, you will see better results training with us because training sessions are used to confront new weakness and take a deep dive into your game to expose where you need to improve right now. Then by adding proven enhancements to your raw skill sets, that are strategically and purposefully aimed at specific details of your game, you get a personalized plan and process to repeat what you've learned on your own time.

With I'm Possible Personal Training You WILL...


See Measurable Growth

See measurable growth by learning to train in ways that simulate game-like situations to aggressively confront weaknesses and expose where you need to improve in real-time


Know You Are On The Right Track

Gain access to tools for accountability & learn to self-assess and make corrections on your own


Get A Personalized Plan And Process

Get a personalized plan and process to repeat on your own time, or in our Skill Lab group format workouts, with the toolset to “stack” skills as you progress


Get Ongoing Mentorship

Get ongoing mentorship and a guiding relationship to help align your plan with the proper focus in your workouts to reach your goals


And much, much more


 I'm Possible Training App

Personal training & online clients get full access to the I'm Possible Training App and online training system. This allows players to take what they work on with their trainer and master it at home. Players will receive guidance from their trainer through over 600  skills and methods of training.

     The app and online access include the following..

     Continual guidance from your trainer

     Track progress

     Video breakdown of skills

     Checklist of 600 skills and methods

     Communicate directly with your trainer

     Communicate directly with your trainer

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